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Do the surgeons speak English?

All the surgeons at PPSI do speak good English and are all accredited and fully trained Plastic Surgeons.

What Implants do PPSI Use?

Piac uses both gel cohesive teardrop and gel cohesive round implants

Do the implants Leak?

The old silicone implants were known to leak, however the new cohesive gel implant is made of a thick gel and not watery silicone, so therefore they do not suffer the leakage problem as the older implants did, the implant is also extremely hardy and durable.

Is a surgical support garment provided after surgery?

The hospital provides a support garment for you after surgery with is similar to a Nanna Bra.  Its still a good idea to purchase a surgical bra, Beauty Abroad can organise this for
you.  Please contact:

I don`t know what size I want?

The Surgeon will forward a recommendation on sizing and placement also type of implant after viewing your photos and information, bare in mind this is only a recommendation that the surgeon will provide you, advising you of the perfect outcome for your chest size, build etc. The final decision is made at your pre-op appointment with the Surgeon prior to surgery. This is also where you will pay in full for the operation.

How do I pay for the Surgery?

You will pay for your surgery in Thai Baht, Thailand currency, the best way to accomplish this is to take Australian currency to a Thai Bank and have the staff do the conversion for you, this is the safest possible method for you to exchange this amount of money, do not exchange a large amount at the street exchange stalls.

How many days should I stay after surgery?

The surgeons at PIAC will advise how many days you are to stay after surgery, it is normally 9 – 14 days after the procedure.

Is there a guarantee with the surgery?

Yes there is a surgical guarantee that can view in full on

Our website

Do you organise the flights and accommodation?

Unfortunately, I am not a qualified Travel Agent, therefore I am unable to organise flights and accommodation, I can suggest Airlines you can use and websites to search for great accommodation deals. With the promotion, I do work in conjunction with a Travel Agent in Thailand who will organise the details on my behalf.

Is it okay to travel alone for Surgery?

You can travel alone for surgery as all of the transfers from the airport, hospital etc are organized as part of your surgery, however I do strongly recommend you do have a travel partner to assist you.

Is the hospital clean and hygienic?

The hospital is clean and hygienic, it is actually so clean you could eat off the floor, it is modern and you are looked as good as if you were to be operated on in Australia.

Does the hospital have any doctors in Australia that a client can attend if something is to go wrong?

The hospital does have recommended doctors in each main state of Australia if required. General follow-up is completed by your family doctor.

If something goes wrong, who do we advise?

You need to advise Beauty Abroad immediately.

Do you provide payment plans?

Beauty Abroad does offer a payment plan, however you need to make application to Beauty Abroad to organise this payment plan. The payment plan is a payment set up by the client on a weekly or fortnightly basis directly paid into the Beauty Abroad account, the payment’s must be finalized one month before surgery is scheduled.

Do you offer finance?

We do not offer finance, however we can recommend you contact maccredit on the internet, they do organise finance for overseas surgery.

Do we have to pay extra for a partner to share the accommodation?

No, you don’t have to pay extra for a partner to share the accommodation, however you need to pay for the flights for Your partner or travel companion.

Should we organise travel insurance?

I strongly advise all clients should have travel insurance, you are having surgery in a foreign country