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Areola Reduction

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The areola is the dark pigmented skin that surrounds the nipple. Large areolas may look out of proportion with the rest of the breast – this is especially noticeable if the patient has had a breast reduction or breast lift, but it can also occur naturally (often after childbirth). There are no medical complications associated with having large areolas, but self-esteem and body image can be greatly affected. Areolar reduction can help women looking for a smaller diameter and rounder areolae or those who would like to reduce puffy or bulging areolae.

Surgical Procedure

The doctor will begin by examining your areolae to decide on the best technique to perform the surgery. A round ring-like strip of excess areola will be removed on the peripheral part of the operated aroela. The edge of the new smaller areola will be sutured to the outer normal skin that will create many small pleat around the created areola. If the pleat is too much, the surgeon may decide to include the vertical removal of the skin strip under the areola to avoid too many pleat formation that will resolve itself in a few months

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