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Nipple Reduction

Nipple Reduction

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Long or large nipples are a cause of embarrassment for many people, both men and women. They can affect the way people look and feel whether undressed or fully-clothed. Breast feeding can permanently change the shape and size of nipples, making them longer and unattractive. Nipple reduction surgery is a safe way to permanently correct the problem and increase self-confidence. These days more and more people are electing for nipple reductions, sometimes in combination with a breast augmentation, lift or reduction, and sometimes as a single procedure.

Surgical Procedure

The surgeon will start by assessing which part of the nipple needs to be reduced. The nipple could be reduced in length, width, or both depending on the shape and the desired result.Nipples that droop down or project too far out will be shortened. This is done by removing the tip of the nipple and then closing the new tip with stitches. Sometimes the skin around the neck of the nipple is removed and the tip is stitched to the bottom of the nipple. If the nipple is too wide or thick, but not too long, a pie-shaped wedge will be removed from underneath the nipple. This allows the nipple to be “taken in” and the circumference reduced. Dissolving sutures are used. For some people the nipple may be too wide and too long. In those cases, both rocedures are performed

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